Small Businesses

You have built a great product and are trying to market it. You have been in business for a few years now and are hungry to grow. So you try a whole bunch of different ways to market your idea. Some work and some don’t. You invest more money to generate more leads. You have a plan in place but you are not sure it’s really working.

Some of the things you may have tried:

  • Sent a really nice email about your product to a fresh new database you recently acquired
  • Found an exciting industry event and marketed your product there
  • Got prospects to sample your product for free

There are many reasons why this may not have worked. It may not be the right time for you to launch your product, you may have invested too much money in the wrong channels, your product may need more work, you have strong competition and so on.

Here is how I can help:

  • Define your buyer persona to find people who actually want your product/service.
  • Create messaging that targets different customer groups.
  • Help you invest money in the right tools that will make the complex, simple and also help you save time and costs.
  • Create a blog to generate traffic and build a customer base.
  • Create a roadmap of your product journey using a scientific approach towards marketing your product to achieve predicted results.