One of the reasons you are visiting this page is to understand whether I am qualified to do what you are looking for and whether our wavelengths match.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

One - I love technology.
Two - I enjoy a good challenge.
Three – I ask a lot of questions.

I love technology. In my last role, I was a Senior Director of a 50-member Web & Applications development team at Position²—a global digital marketing agency, headquarted in the Silicon Valley. As a Digital Architect, I created and implemented many successful MarTech strategies for top-notch global companies across the U.S., EMEA and Asia Pacific region.

I enjoy a good challenge. In 2019, I quit a full time corporate career to start my own company—a dream I had cherished for a long time. I currently work with a range of businesses—from early stage start-ups to small companies—to set up, upgrade, modernize and optimize their Marketing Technology stack. Making it easy for them to focus on data driven marketing and optimize their ROI. It’s an exciting phase. There are plenty of challenges. But, if you think hard enough, an equal number of solutions. ☺

I ask a lot of questions. You know those kids who love saying “why” in reply to every answer you give? Well, I kind of get that. But the I only ask questions so that I fully understand what your business objectives are before I put together the “How” and the “When” of making sure you achieve them. I am goal-driven. I prefer working towards a defined target rather than merely clocking hours. It’s what makes me devise solutions that are holistic, yet measurable.

The Bhagavad Gita says, “You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become.” Even with 15 years+ experience in the field of marketing and technology, I consider myself a student. I raise my own benchmarks and am constantly on the lookout to upgrade myself. I recently became a Certified High Ticket Closer and am exploring the fields of Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, actively.

When I am not working and dreaming up exciting new strategies for my clients, I enjoy winding down with a good read or a long road trip with my family. Oh and my favorite colors are Saffron and Blue!

That’s a little about me. If there is anything you read that intrigued you or caught your attention, I would really like to know! So drop me a line at