Medium-sized Businesses

You are an established business and have a strong customer base. All your sales and marketing tools are in place, yet you are not sure your money is giving you a good return on investment.

Some of the problems you may be facing:

  • High bounce rate on your website
  • Low customer conversion rate
  • Inability to send targeted messages to current/prospective customers in your database
  • Inability to send personalized communication

Here is how I can help:

  • Define your buyer persona to identify people who are looking for your product/service.
  • Study your business and recommend automated tools that will help your immediate and long-term needs.
  • Help you clearly define a measurable business objective.
  • Track data, analyze it and prepare a roadmap to achieve the pre-defined business objective.
  • Do a comprehensive study of current marketing material and revamp it, if needed, to clearly state your value proposition and retain your brand voice and messaging.
  • Help you develop targeted communication