Early Stage Start Ups

Thousands of ideas turn into start-up businesses every day. However, very often, start-ups are so focused on trying to build their product or service that they forget all about setting up the right technology infrastructure to help their sales and marketing objectives.

Misconceptions I hear a lot:

  • Marketing tools or cloud-based technology cost a bomb. Why should I invest in one at this stage?
  • Most marketing tools are far too complicated to use. My excel sheet and word documents track data just fine.
  • I can’t hire a dedicated person to manage my marketing for me at this point.
  • I will spend time on creating a proper website once my business really kicks off.
  • I don’t have time to start learning a new tool. I need to invest all my time in running my business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Here is how I can help:

  • Define your buyer persona to hone in on prospects who actually want your product/service.
  • Define specific business goals and help you reach them faster using the right tools.
  • Recommend software that is suited for your business, within your budget – No, you don’t need a third person to manage it.
  • Capture all data from Day 1 to save time and increase productivity.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your business idea using data vs guessing what your target audience wants.
  • Deploy systems that will manage social channels, track your expenses, do book keeping, organize your communication—in short, everything you need to run a business.
  • Keep costs down and return on investments high.
  • Think long-term and analyze data to know how to better your business idea and make you more attractive to future investors.